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Coldygury is a secondary antagonist and and the only occupant of Winter.


Coldygury's age and how he came to be are unknown.


Coldygury is immature and dimwitted. He typically does not speak in full sentences.

His most well-known attribute is his explosive temper; when he gets angry, snowballs shoot out of his hat.

When Coldygury is in a good mood, he can be very docile; even friendly with the Borys. Whenever he does something wrong, it's usually out of naivete than malice and he doesn't appear to know better most of the time.


Coldygury resembles a snowman. He was white skin, black eyes, and a purple nose and star on his chest. He wears a darker purple top hat and purple-and-lavender stripes scarf.


  • English: Rod Beilfuss
  • Korean: 정영웅 (Jung Young-woong)



Names in other languages

  • Korean: 콜디구리 (Cold Guri)


  • Coldygury is the second villain to appear in the series, behind Wangury and his crew.
  • If he stays out of Winter for too long, he will melt, as shown in A Coldy Day in Toobalooba.

Focus Episodes

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