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Cozybory is a main character and a member of the Super 7.


Cozybory is nine years old.

Sometime prior to the series beginning, she joined the Super 7.


Cozybory is dramatic, selfless, and feminine.

She tends to overreact to situations. In Coldygury and the Hot Lost Buns, she referred to Coldygury taking the Super 7's breakfast as an "emergency". She was quite worried about her missing painting in Cozybory's Treasure Hunt, even though she had several copies.

In Disappearing Act, she showed that she can get easily-distracted, and this resulted in Hanubi getting stranded in Summer.


Cozybory has purple skin, a peach face, red-magenta eyes, pink-gray fingers, and red blushies. She wears a red headband with a golden pendant, a red neckpiece, and a pink dress with magenta patterns. When she sensitizes, she gains a pink-and-magenta diamond shape on her dress.


English: Jade Repeta

Korean: 정윤정 (Jung Yun-jeong)

Italian: Perla Liberatori


  • "I'll put out some feelers!"
  • "Perfectly perfect!" (or contextually-appropriate substitute)

Names in other languages

Korean: 코지보리 (Cozy Barley)

All other versions use the English name.


  • Cozybory is the bory of touch.
  • She is mentioned third in the theme song, in between Lunabory and Totobory.
  • She goes fourth in the transformation sequence, in between Pongdybory and Totobory.
  • Aside from Noonbory, she has had the most focus episodes out of any Super Bory.
  • Whenever she uses her powers, a tune with a synthesizer is heard in the background.

Focus Episodes

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These are all the episodes where Cozybory is the main focus:



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