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Jetybory is a main protagonist in the series and a member of the Super 7.


Jetybory is nine years old.

Sometime prior to the series beginning, she joined the Super 7.


Jetybory is hot-headed, tomboyish, energetic, and always ready for adventure.

Jetybory tends to get in over her head, and loses her temper easily. In Coldygury and the Hot Lost Buns, she was quite grumpy from hunger due to Coldygury taking the borys' buns and she told him off for it. In The Long and Short of It, she stormed off in a rage after Lukybory unintentionally offended her over her height.

Despite her tendency to overreact, she cares about her friends and apologizes for her mistakes. In Kidnapped Kiddy-Cake, she grew an inflated ego and attempted to find Wangury and his goons on her own. She ended up being humbled after getting lost in a cave, and she told the others she was sorry.


Jetybory has magenta skin, red eyes, a pale pink face, and pink blushies. When she sensitizes, she gets a yellow swirl symbol on her chest.


English: Margaux Miller

Korean: 양정화 (Jeonghwa Yang)


  • "I'm all ears!"

Names in other languages

Korean: 제티보리 (Jetty Barley)


  • Jetybory is the bory of sound.
  • As shown in The Long and Short of It, she is very embarrassed about her short stature.
  • Jetybory likes toobacherry gum.
  • She is mentioned first in the English theme song.
  • She goes second in the transformation sequence, in between Lunabory and Pongdybory.
  • Occasionally, like in To Catch a Star, she uses her ears to fly a few feet off the ground.
  • Whenever she uses her super-hearing, a windy tune with zooming sounds plays in the background.
  • While it's not as obvious as Totobory's leaves, her ears can get expressive sometimes. In Double Trouble, her ears briefly drooped in defeat before sticking straight up in frustration.

Focus Episodes

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