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Lunabory is a main protagonist and a member of the Super 7.


Lunabory is eight years old.

Sometime prior to the series beginning, she joined the Super 7.


Lunabory is calm, collected, and observant.

She is usually the first to notice when the Super 7 are needed.

She is sweet. In Looba-Nutty Surprise, she was quick to notice how insecure Breadbory felt, so she gave him the idea to make a Looba-Nutty Surprise Cake for Bakerbory. She then helped him with finding coco-looba nuts for the recipe.


Lunabory has yellow skin, jade-green eyes, peach skin on her face, pink-orange blushies, and one strand of black hair. She wears a purple bodysuit, a moon-shaped hat that matches her skin tone, and a pink ruffle. When she sensitizes, she gains a yellow heart symbol on her chest.


English: Jacqui Fox

Korean: 소연 (Soyeon)


  • "Seeing is believing!"
  • "Noonbory needs us!"

Names in other languages

Korean: 루나보리 (Luna Barley)

All other versions use the English name.


  • Lunabory is the bory of sight.
  • Her name being "Luna" could be a nod to her moon-shaped hat.
  • She is mentioned second in the English theme song, in between Jetybory and Cozybory.
  • She goes first in the transformation sequence.
  • She has never been seen without her hat or some kind of headgear such as a helmet.
  • Whenever she uses her super sight, a gentle, twinkling theme plays.

Focus Episodes

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These are all the episodes where Lunabory is the main focus:

  • Looba-Nutty Surprise



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