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Mamby is a main character in the series.


Mamby is Noonbory's best friend/pet.

It is unknown how the two met.


Mamby does not have a discernible personality. His primary trait is his loyalty and obedience to Noonbory.

He showed a competitive side in Rock and Roll Mamby, wherein he kept challenging Hanubi's pet rock.


Mamby has yellow skin, orange ear-like appendages, and pink blushies. He is shaped like a marshmallow.

Names in other languages

Korean: 맘비 (Mambi)


  • Mamby does not speak words; he communicates through whistles, though Noonbory seems to understand him.
  • It is unclear if Mamby is a member of the Super 7 or not. Given that Lukybory is not counted as an official member, it is highly likely.
  • He can shapeshift into objects like a pair of scissors, a parachute, etc.
  • He has no arms, though he can sprout them if necessary.