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Noonbory is the main protagonist of the series and the leader of the Super 7.


Noonbory is ten years old, the grandson of Hanubi, and the older brother of PinkAru.

Sometime prior to the series beginning, he became leader of the Super 7.


Noonbory is optimistic, kindhearted, and rarely upset. He often serves as the voice of reason to other characters. He is even willing to rescue the villains, because in his own words, "Our super senses are to help anyone in trouble, even super-silly villains."

He is highly intelligent; being able to construct vehicles on his own.


Noonbory has snow-white skin, green eyes, two strands of green hair, and orange blushies. He wears a green leaf cape and an orange scarf.


English: Brent Hirose

Korean: Yongwoo Shin

Japanese: Yuichi Nakamura


  • "Let's make super sense of this!"
  • "Go, bo, borys!"
  • "It's time to sensitize!"
  • "Hurry scurry!"

Names in other languages

Korean: 눈보리 (Snow Barley)

Turkish: Afacanbory (Mischievous bory)

Japanese: ヌーンボリー (Noonbolly)

French: Noombory

All other languages use the English name.


  • His first appearance is in Wangury Wants to Fly, and his final appearance is in Hop Hop Baby Kangaroo.
  • He is the oldest of the Super 7.
  • Unlike the rest of the Super 7, he represents a mental sense: common sense.
  • As shown in Blast Party, he is allergic to yams; they give him gas. He shares this trait with Totobory.
  • He goes last in the transformation sequence, right after Totobory.
  • He is also mentioned last in the English theme song, right after Pongdybory.

Focus Episodes

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These are all the episodes where Noonbory is the main focus:



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