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PinkAru is the deuteragonist of Tooba Tooba.


PinkAru is six years old, Noonbory's little sister and Hanubi's granddaughter.

At the beginning of Tooba Tooba, she was born from a lotus flower.


PinkAru is innocent, naive, and the most curious bory around. She likes cute things, especially flowers.

She is prone to tears and cries quite often, being the youngest and most sensitive of the bunch. In her debut alone, she cried over tripping and getting hurt, and later wept because of a flower wilting. In Let's Play Together, she wailed loudly over feeling left out.

She likes to play with her big brother Noonbory and can be cheerful despite her sensitivity.

At times, she wants to prove to people that she is independent. In Let's Play Together, she wanted to play on the swing set and ride a bike by herself, but she later decided to play with the others. In PinkAru's First Errand, she went to deliver some berries, but unbeknownst to her, Noonbory, Lukybory and Lunabory were secretly watching over her the whole time.


PinkAru has light pink skin, magenta eyes, a magenta swirl on her head, and pink blushies. She wears a pink neckpiece and a magenta dress with a yellow swirl (much like Jetybory).


  • Korean: 장은숙 (Jang Eun Seuk)


  • PinkAru is exclusive to Tooba Tooba; she did not appear at all in Super 7.
  • She is the youngest of the main cast.
  • She is revealed to have a love for sweets in Hippo With Toothache.
  • She is the only character to cry with visible tears. When Rosygury, Coldygury and the Kidborys cried in Problem Peach, Coldy's Snow Gurys, and Small Concert, respectively, they audibly sobbed but no tears were seen.
  • PinkAru bears a lot of similarities to Chibiusa/Sailor Chibi-Moon (Rini/Sailor Mini-Moon in the DiC English dub) from the Sailor Moon franchise; they are both chibi girls around age 6 who have cacophonous cries, have lots of pink in their design, and act as a little sister to the title protagonist, although here she actually is Noonbory's sister; Chibiusa turned out to be Usagi (Serena in the DiC English dub)/Sailor Moon's daughter from the future.