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Pongdybory is a main protagonist and a member of the Super 7.


Pongdybory is seven years old.

Sometime prior to the series beginning, he joined the Super 7.


Pongdybory is loyal, playful, and optimistic.

He is somewhat infamous for his supercharged sneezes.

He shows an insecure side in Sleds Away!, wherein he was reluctant to participate in the sledding contest because of his embarrassing wipeout the preceding year. He got over his worries in the end when he sledded downhill to retrieve fruits that Wangury had stolen.


Pongdybory has blue skin, black eyes, and light peach blushies. He wears an orange beanie with dark spots and a blue neckpiece. When he sensitizes, he gains an orange oval symbol on his chest.


English: Trevor Toffan (credited as Trevor A. Toffan)

Korean: 엄상현 (Um Sang Hyun)

Italian: Alessio Puccio


  • "I'll sniff 'em out!"

Names in other languages

Korean: 퐁디보리 (Pondi Barley)

All other dubs use the English name.


  • Pongdybory is the bory of smell.
  • He is mentioned fifth in the theme song, in between Totobory and Noonbory.
  • He goes third in the transformation sequence, in between Jetybory and Cozybory.
  • He is revealed to be afraid of needles in Pongdybory's Cold Feet.
  • He is one of the few borys with a tail.
  • He is almost always the one who drives the Bory-buggy.
  • Whenever he uses his super smell, a theme that sounds like an ocarina is heard in the background.

Focus Episodes

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