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Totobory is a main protagonist and a member of the Super 7.


Totobory is eight years old.

Sometime prior to the series beginning, he joined the Super 7.


Totobory is shy, quiet, and resourceful.

He is very non-confrontational and doesn't like getting all up and personal with people.

Fittingly for the bory of taste, he has a big appetite. He especially likes honey.

He occasionally shows a feminine side, most noticeably in his interest for gardening.

While he may be easily frightened, he will never abandon his friends when they are in need. In Wangury's Silly Statue, he was initially too nervous to fight back against Wangury's sentient statue, but he came to the conclusion all on his own that he had to face his fears.

He is quite sweet-natured. At the end of Problem Peach, he fixed Rosygury's garden even though she had been attacking him and the others with vines.


Totobory has butterscotch-brown skin, hazel eyes, two leaves on his head held by a red clip, brown fingers, and orange blushies. He wears a green leaf neckpiece. When he sensitizes, he gains a four-orange-circle symbol on his chest.


English: Markian Tarasiuk

Korean: 김은아 (Kim Eun Ah)


  • "I like the taste of that!" 
  • "...keta." (Korean only)

Names in other languages

Korean: 토토보리 (Toto Barley)

All other versions use the English name.


  • Totobory is the bory of taste.
  • He has a carrot garden.
  • As shown in Blast Party, he is allergic to yams; they give him gas. He shares this trait with Noonbory.
  • He is mentioned fourth in the English theme song, in between Cozybory and Pongdybory.
  • He goes fifth in the transformation sequence, in between Cozybory and Noonbory.
  • He is good friends with Farmerbory.
  • In some foreign languages, he is voiced by a female voice actress.
  • The leaves on his head are indicative of his emotions. Drooping down means he is sad or worried, and pointing straight up means he is startled.
  • He is revealed to have a rock collection in Coldygury and the Dotoris.
  • Out of all the members of the Super 7, he has had the least amount of focus episodes.
  • Whenever he uses his leaves to taste something, a descending tune with a clarinet plays.

Focus Episodes

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These are all the episodes where Totobory is the main focus:

  • Wangury's Silly Statue



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