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Wangury Wants to Fly is the first half of the 1st episode of Super 7, written by Scott Kraft.

It is followed by Luky's Bubble Trouble.


"Wangury's silly plan to steal eggs from the Beavyuck nest to power his flying boat backfires when the eggs hatch, Mama Beavyuck returns to the nest ans is anything but pleased to find them there!" - WildBrain

"The Super Borys learn and teach a lesson in the importance of helping others in need." - IMDb

"Wangury steals eggs to power his flying boat, but his plan backfires." - TV Guide





  • This is the first episode of the series ever.
  • The narrated version cuts out Wangury's song about flying and him begging Mama Beavyuck not to eat him.
  • Wangury's song is set to the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell".


  • Some lines, like the audio for Wangury's evil laugh in his fantasy sequence, and Noonbory's "...While I keep them busy!" skip at the beginning.
  • The lip sync for certain lines (these being Taegury's "It's a Beavyuck!", Cozybory's "I can sense them with my super sense!", Totobory's "I found them...", Wangury's "I don't take orders from you!", and Noonbory's "Okay...") end before the dialogue does.
  • In the narrated version, the narrator mispronounces "Noonbory" as "Noonbury", and "Pongdybory" as "Pongybory".
  • In the narrated version, Noonbory reacts to Mungury and Taegury screaming before they are even heard.
  • In the narrated version, during the transformations, the voice clips come in late.
  • In the narrated version, Noonbory reties his scarf twice after the transformation.
  • The twinkling sound for Cozybory's powers is absent when she uses them.